We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirndess and call it love.
~Dr. Seuss

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Justin and Darci's Wedding September 1st 2012 in Mesa Arizona

Night before the wedding at non other than Red Robin :)


Morning of... helping Darci get ready:)

Taking pictures before the wedding.  Not gonna lie, got a little teary-eyed taking wedding pics for my baby brother :)

After the ceremony...

Cole wasn't actually able to come to the ceremony...but I put him in the picture!  hahaha.  Unfortunately he may request that I do this in all future family photos... BOO :(  Hopefully you don't see the same picture of him in the next 20 years worth of photos

Good times making the cakes.  It was so much easier actually decorating them at a house!  Thanks to Daniel's sweet parents for letting Meggan and I create chaos in their kitchen.  Thanks to Kaysha and Kaelan for helping with my babies so I could do this :)

 Smashing the cake...haha :)

Big-O in Deming

The kids loved going to "Aunt Megan's Shop" as they so lovingly called :)

It may be partially due to the fact that they always had a snack from the vending machine....
 Or that they got to help count the money :)
Not to mention the fact that they LOVED staying in the camper :)

At the Temple for Darci's Endowments :)

Darci's Pantry Party in Lordsburg

Fun at Grandpa John and Grandma Dolly's

 Helping Grandpa... didn't take long for Brett to figure out how to move the bucket up and down :)

Driving.... HOW SCARY :)

Riding Badger!

Working at Big-O

Playing at the park with Faithy-Jo

*Please note that I barely fit in the slide with Brett as all you can see of me is my legs...HA

Allison, Brett and Faithy did my hair.  :)

 Cute Cute kids :)