We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirndess and call it love.
~Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Let it be known... I LOVE ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS.  I love the whole month of December.  I may or may not get a little carried away with everything at times.  I can't help it.  It makes it WAY worse when you have kids.  Here are some of our Christmas Traditions:
  • Reading Christmas books at night before bed by the light of the Christmas tree, now with the use of our new Christmas blanket compliments of Grandma Pigs :)
  • Watching Christmas clips and church videos online ALL MONTH long.  We really love the Piano Guys "Oh Come Emmanuel" and the Christmas Coat
  • wearing out our Nat King-Cole Christmas CD
  • New k-state Christmas jammies every year 
  • Reading the Christmas story out of Luke on Christmas eve
  • Ordering pizza and driving around in our jammies on Christmas eve to look at lights until the kids fall asleep
  • Visiting Santa.  Brett was so excited this year that he ran and jumped on Santa's lap.  Santa was quite feeble looking this year, so we were a bit worried Brett was gonna break his leg.  Allison even commented about how much "older" Santa looked this year...hehehe  After visiting Santa, Brett yelled out "Love you!" and later informed us, "I don't know what Santa will bring me, but I'll be grateful for what I get.
  • Drawing names with extended family :)  
  • Navajo tacos for Christmas dinner, and butterscotch rolls for Christmas breakfast
  • Watching Christmas movies ALL month.  I think our favorite is Arther Christmas.  If you haven't seen it...watch it :) 
  • Santa always leaves some kind of note for Brett and Allison.  This year he cut out snowflakes and tied them to their door with a little hand written note.  

Anywho....this year the kiddos woke up around 4 ish...the problem with that is we live in a townhouse complex with SUPER thin walls.  Kind of a bummer on Christmas morning when you have to whisper your excitement.  We unwrapped presents and fell back asleep...hahaha :)  We were blessed to have the missionaries in our home for dinner that day.  Over all, it was wonderful...as Christmas ALWAYS is :)

 Christmas Eve in the new jams :)

And people wonder why family pictures for the Wenzels are few and far between

 Now this picture is a real gem.  I don't know what I'd do without the one in the middle.  Let's just say he's made my life far more interesting that I could have ever imagined.  Throw in his two minions, and my life is complete :)

Christmas morning

Christmas isn't complete without a princess make-over performed by your 5 year old daughter...good old Santa bringing Allison real make-up...someone is gonna have to have a chat with him :)

*please note my super tired-post Christmas morning look :)

A Snow Day

It snowed, and it snowed A LOT.  It snowed so much that our church leaders only held sacrament meeting for those who felt safe/comfortable driving in the snow.  Well, lets just say our New Mexico selves shined through...and we stayed home.  Not to mention that it was also Brett's actual b-day (what a way to spend a birthday).  The kids were shocked (and let's face it...completely over-joyed) that we didn't have to go to church!  

Here are my children (sometimes I think there are 3) getting ready to go play :)

Fun Fact:  Allison makes this EXACT same face in pictures :)  Some things really MUST be genetic

Okay...so I'm sure some of you reading this are wondering, "What the heck is on Cole's head?"  Cole served his mission in Toronto, Canada (which is apparently extremely cold), so his brother sent him this AMAZING hat.  Let me tell you, this hat has come in extremely handy.  I used to wear it when I would go feed with Cole at the horse farm in the wee morning hours when we lived in Las Cruces.  Cole wore it when he worked cows in - 4 degree weather here in good-old Kansas.  If anyone knows me well you know I love to clean things out, get rid of crap, and rejuvenate my space.  This stoopid hat as made EVERY SINGLE CUT.  We will probably NEVER get rid of it.  We had lovingly named it the "Vladamir Hat."  
Vladamir and his crew so sad that they can't go to church :)

We couldn't forget Tink :)  

She LOVEs the snow.  Brett and I were a little grumpy because of how the snow burned when it touched our skin.  Not this little New Mexican baby.  She would have stayed outside until she was a complete Popsicle if I would have let her.

Army Ball Saturday December 14th 2013

So...one of the perks of being in the army is getting all dressed up for a military ball.  This perk is only considered a perk by some (me...not Cole).  By golly...I wanted to see him in his dress uniform.  He was informed that he didn't have to wear it, he could wear a suit instead.  I will admit that I prayed his suit wouldn't fit (he hasn't worn it in SEVERAL years) which would FORCE him to wear his uniform.  As you can see, I got my way.  OH OH!  Let's not forget to mention that Cole failed to inform me about the date/time of the ball until a week before.  Luckily, I was able to find a dress that fit and the only alterations needing to be made were the length.  That NEVER happens, as Cole lovingly reminds me that I'm like an "amazon women."  Fortunately my good friend Malinda worked her sewing magic and fixed my dress right up :) 

Happy Birthday Bretty December 22nd 2013

Brett chose to go to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday.  I tell you what, this boy LOVES his steak.  Fun Facts about 4-year old Brett:
  • He LOVES his big sister.  He is usually very patient with her bossiness.  
  • He has a hard time playing alone.  He likes to be with people (maybe because he's always had his sister around).
  • He likes to hold hands and snuggle (on the couch and at church)
  • He frequently says "Bend down here for a minute so I can give you a smooch."
  • As sad as it may be...he has finally stopped saying "hot lama" for "hot lava."  
  • He loves his "blue blanks (blanket) and Red Pups and Horse Pillow"  all of which he sleeps with everynight.
  • He asks everynight "Can we sleep in the same room?"  (as he and his sister frequently have to be separated at bedtime :)
  • Loves hot hot hot showers and gets really mad if the water isn't hot enough
  • Has a jolly little walk that resembles a jumpy penguin
  • LOVES legos
  • Finally likes swimming lessons
  • Says he's "Gonna have big muscles like daddy," or "When I get big I'm gonna...." or "I'm grownin up mom."
  • He frequently pretends to be a ninja ("inja" as he calls it)..I might add that he is pretty darn good at it.
  • Is EXTREMELY tender hearted.  He gets super upset if he accidentally hurts someone, and HATES to be in trouble.

A and B's Combined Birthday Party December 2013

Due to vet school limitations (and the convenience of having 2 kids in December), we've had the tradition of a combined birthday party for our kiddos (usually the first weekend in December....before finals studying began in vet school).  I know someday they will probably want their own bday parties..but for now, we love this tradition (and they don't know any better).  Cole and I usually put the kiddos down for a "nap" and decorate and get everything ready (thus the jammies).  This year we went for the "ghetto 1990's prom theme" as the placement of the streamers closely resembled just that :) 

Brett wanted a minion/starwars theme...hahahaha.  Cole helped with the cupcake decorating this year (please note the extra-tall minion cupcake....Cole was living the dream...)

And of course....princess for Allison.  *please note that my cupcake skills were far below what they usually are...I think I was just downright tired.  Maybe next year :)

The kids requested hamburgers for their birthday dinner :)  

Happy birthday!!!!

Allison turns 5 ~ December 6th 2013

Where does the time go?  I can't believe my little girl is already 5!  We love her so much.  She is full of energy and life :)  Here are some fun 5-year old facts about Allison:

  • She LOVES anything to do with art...painting, coloring, drawing...crafts etc...
  • She is learning to read, and is quite good at it
  • She is SUPER helpful and mindful of things that need to be done around the house (she is always quick to remember to make her bed...and sometimes mine)
  • She frequently feels the need to have the last word :)  (I'm going to blame her cute dad for this one)
  • She is the president of my personal fan club.  Even if I'm gone for only a little bit, I'm greeted at the door by two sweet little ones that treat me like it's the first time they've seen me in years!  
  • She is so giving,  she loves to write notes and "make" things for people
  • She still has an imaginary friend named "Birdle."  We are secretly hoping Birdle disappears SOON...maybe by kindergarten?
  • She is counting down the months until kindergarten
  • She is SUPER picky about the clothes and she HATES having her hair done.  She does LOVE having her nails painted!
  • She still loves Disney Princesses (thank goodness, I'm not ready for that to go away yet...because that would be a sure sign she is growing up :)
  • She refers to me as "My cute little mom," Brett as "Bubbee" and Cole as "Geeks."  I guess she too has the nicknaming gene
  • She frequently talks in what we now refer to as her "squeaky voice."  Her laugh is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard.
  • She is a bit bossy (I'll blame that on her cute mom).  I frequently hear her telling Brett what to say and do as they play in their room.  Fortunately he is usually easy going :)
Happy Birthday Allison!!!!!

She LOVES Huhot in the mall.  That is where she picked to eat for her birthday.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winans family reunion Thanksgiving 2013

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year in September.  As a part of the celebration, we all went to my parents house for Thanksgiving.  We had a great time!  As you will see from the pictures!  We had a little Christmas celebration, birthday celebration, Thanksgiving feast AND family pictures.  A lot packed into 3 days!  

Waiting NOT so patiently for Aunt Kaysha and Uncle Kaelan to arrive

Decorating the tree!  Grandpa Tex put the star on top to avoid any sadness from little minions as they ALL wanted to do it :)

Decorating gingerbread men (compliments of Uncle Daniel)

Our early morning Christmas party!  My mom made each of our families Christmas quilts and gave us a set of the Christmas books we used to read when we were kids.  I'm not gonna lie, I had a REALLY hard time putting my quilt away when Christmas was over!  Can't wait to use it again!!!!

Each year we draw names in the summer.  Everyone's name goes in the pot and each family member is charged with picking a gift for one other person.  The kid's names are coveted, we got lucky and got both Sage and Eden this year...wooowhooo!

So my parents had this brilliant plan to buy nerf guns for EVERYONE.  We had the BEST time having a nerf war.  We all participated...14 guns in all.  Darts are CRAZY (e.g., Uncle Kaelan caught a dart in the mouth..my mom is STILL finding darts 4 months later)...

 One of the best pictures I have EVER taken :)

Playing it safe with some hot pink safety glasses

Cole's safety glasses (while equally as cool), were somewhat ineffective...hehehe

As part of our Thanksgiving feast, our sweet niece Eden suggested we go around and say what we are Thankful for.  I was Thankful to not be in vet-school anymore :)  Who is surprised???  Brett was asleep for most of the dinner (he just played too hard).  He finally woke up, and came to sit on my Dad's lap at the table.  We asked him what he was Thankful for...he brought up his sweet little boy figure...and without saying a word, he pointed to his Grandma Pigs (that's what my kids call my mom Peggy...what a lucky lady).  Let's just say he made my mom's day (perhaps year or even life).    Late in the week at a restaurant, he made Cole switch seats with him so he could sit next to "Grandma Pigs."  He kept telling my mom "Bend down here for a minute so I can give you a smooch!" He knows where his bread is buttered...that's for sure.
Anyways....we have a lot to be Thankful for!  

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!