We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirndess and call it love.
~Dr. Seuss

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Out of the mouths of Allison and Brett

Allison:  "I'm doing my homework!"
A few minutes later..... "I'm done, now I'm going to go work on a horse, just like Daddy!"  "Maybe I'll work on an alligator instead"  (Definitely NOT like daddy OR mommy...hahaha)

Later that day......
Allison:  "Daddy, you're very fat!  I like you!" 
Good to know Cole will ALWAYS have a fan club with a few members...hahaha! 

The next day....
Allison:  "Mom, you look wonderful."
Mom:  "Well thank you Allison."
Allison:  "You are welcome!"

Lacey 1 point    Cole 0 points   (for now)

Brett has started a new little nap time ritual:

Brett:  "Hug and smooch momma?"
Mom:  "okay"
Brett:  "How about one more?"
Mom:   "okay"
Brett:  "How about one more?"
Mom:  "No Brett, go to sleep."

Day after day after day.... How about one more :):):)  I love that little guy, even if he constantly terrorizes his sister, colors on my kitchen floor, whacks me with his pirate sword when he's mad, etc :):) 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh Where Oh Where has my little dog gone!

Check out these :)  My cute little pooch!  She was so sweet-  I guess she still is MOST of the time.  Haha.  My how time changes things :):):)

A blast from the Past

Missing:  Two Carefree, Young and SKINNY (holy cow look how skinny we were) somewhat newly- weds.  If found, please return to the not so young, or carefree and slightly larger Cole and Lacey Wenzel :):):)  

Great pictures from a great honeymoon.  I just happened to find these as I was looking through an SD card in Cole's old camera.  Enjoy!  (Cole and I laughed, and maybe shed a tear or two)

 Because we were there on our honeymoon, we got some special treatment like "Just Married" pins we were to wear...because it got us cool things like Mickey Mouse confetti displayed in the shape of a heart on our dinner table :)

 Part of staying at a Disney World resort is the ability to buy something in Disney World and have it transported for you back to your hotel.  You just have to pick it up.  Sometimes they do get your name wrong....  Perhaps Cole is leading a double life I don't know anything about....  Or perhaps I look like a Larry????  I sure hope not ;)

A little behind........

I've realized that I'm a bit behind with my blogging.... so I'm going to try to play catch- up :)

Our Trip to Texas and New Mexico in March 2012

 Our little stop in Dallas on the way to Carlsbad was fun!  It was great to see everyone!  

Salon Day at Grandma Dolly's house!  Yes there ended up being a large puddle of water on the floor :)
 Brett was SOOOO helpful at the Salon

This Allison after she ventured off into the sprinklers at Grandma Piggy's house.   She was freezing, but didn't care.  Brett on the other hand, barely touched the sprinklers and came running back.  He apparently doesn't like cold water (I wonder who's child he is).  He did however love the squirt bottle, he used it on Grandpa Tex pretty frequently... I think Grandma Piggy got it a few times too :):)

Our Trip to the Kansas City Temple on April 7th 2012

What a great experience!  We were in very small tour group and the kids were really good.  After we were finished, we decided to go to Cabellas.  I was supposed to be the navigator in this effort, and after about 30 minutes of driving we passed the temple again....needless to say I was fired :(:(  hahaha.... we eventually made it to Cabellas!  A few weeks later, Brett said he wanted to go to the temple again.  Maybe he was paying more attention than we thought!!  

Cole's Investment....

Could it be..... is Cole actually riding a bike?  Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is Cole's investment.  After much griping and nagging about traumatic brain injuries, and how I wouldn't take care of him in the event of a brain injury due to lack of helmet, etc.... He finally bought one.  He thinks it looks dumb...but I might be of the opinion that cowboy boots and a bike might be a little more ridiculous... ah-well.  
Easter Morning

As you may recall, the Easter Bunny came early to our house this year.  On actual Easter Sunday, we made Funfetti Waffles with oh so nutritious frosting syrup.  Let's not forget the sprinkles on top.  Hahaha... I should be voted Mother of the Year based on my ability to make yummi-goodness (definitely not for providing my children healthy, wholesome meals).  Needless to say, they loved them (I may have eaten my fair share as well).  Oh yes, let's not forget Allison's cute cute Easter dress, compliments of Grandma Dolly.  

Trip to the Zoo
One Saturday, I decided to take the kids to the zoo.  Cole was busy studying downstairs, but at the last minute he decided he couldn't let us go to the zoo without him.  We had fun.  Please note that our own little monkeys have graduated from being strapped in a stroller... to very effective leashes...hahaha :):):)

Easter Eggs in May 2012

So.... I may have not done Easter egg dying with my kiddos until May.  Once again, Mother of the Year!!!!  Better late than never I suppose :):):)

Last but not Least......  Cole's First Day of Clinics :):):)

He actually let me take a picture, but he didn't smile.  He informed me he would smile when he was done with school!