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~Dr. Seuss

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Disneyworld :)

We had a WONDERFUL time on our trip.  Our resort was great, the parks were great, and our company was great!  

On our bus to Hollywood Studios

I made everyone take a picture with their K-State shirts on;)

Getting ready to watch Fantasmic:)

In line for Star Tours...now in 3-D...possibly one of my most favorite pics :) haha...  It was SO fun..  Allison did NOT like it.  Brett did :) 

 Waiting for Fantasmic.  This is probably the show the kids were most excited about.  They LOVED it:)  It was worth the wait.

Brett frequently found himself on Grandpa Tex's shoulders

 Waiting to eat at the Sci-Fi Diner.  We sat in cars and watched old movies.  Allison fell asleep during dinner!


The Princess breakfast was one of our favorite experiences.  Allison dressed up as Aurora and Brett dressed up as Prince Philip.  The princesses really liked Bretty, as you will notice the smooches on his cheeks.  The food was great, and the kids got to participate in a little parade around the restaurant!


The famous "behind the aquarium picture" after the Finding Nemo ride

We ate at Le Cellier Steakhouse.  Apparently it is hard to get into, but we got lucky.  This was probably one of the best restaurants we've ever eaten at.  Please note that Brett fell asleep in this world class restaurant (and Allison's chocolate mousse).

After test-track

In France before we went to the french pastry shop (a must do at Epcot)

 Going swimming :)

At the Animal Kingdom on the train to Rafiki's conservation station.  They even had a vet clinic to tour (ask us if we did that...hahaha YEAH RIGHT..not on our vacation from vet school)
 Petting zoo...Allison wasn't impressed, and Brett informed Cole that he wanted to touch every animal.  He loved it :)

We at lunch at Tusker House

 Dinoland...Allison made a killing at all the carnival games....  She ended up with 4 small stuffed animals and a HUGE stuffed dragon :) 

 Rain Forest Cafe

Entering the Magic Kingdom....My favorite :):):)

At the Main Street Candy Shop 

 Allison and Brett were totally thrilled that they got to drive :) 

One of the best parts of the trip..... The Pirate League.  This was SO fun.  Brett and Cole each got a new pirate name (Isaiah Ropewalker, and Archabal Dockcrumbs respectively), pirate garb and face paint, pirate swords and treasure, and had to read the pirate oathe :) 

Saying the pirate oathe:)

Going into the secret room.....


Riding Aladdin's magic carpet ride
Jungle Cruise

Grandma Dolly and I on the carousel.....  

OK...so THIS might be my favorite picture of the WHOLE trip
Ever seen a pirate on a carousel?   I think we would all agree that there is nothing like riding small carousel horses to make you realize how you've "grown" over the years :):)

Allison's experience at the Bibbidi-Bopidi-Boutique was SUPER fun.  She got to pick clothes, a hair style, accessories, and get her nails and make up done....AND do a little photo shoot

Her pirate daddy helping her get dressed

Sprinkled with fairy dust

A new attraction, Enchanted Tales with Belle

Getting ready to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad....  Brett loved all the rides, he even held up his hands.  Allison liked how fast they went, just not any dark parts of the rides

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Emily said...

Such great pictures! So glad y'all had a good trip, you deserved it!