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~Dr. Seuss

Thursday, April 25, 2013

House/farm sitting :)

So we've been housing/farm sitting for the last few days and will be here for a couple of weeks.  There are cats, dogs, horses and kids.  Let's just say the horses are the least amount of maintenance...and the kids and dogs require the most maintenance.  It snowed the first day here, and Brett locked Allison and I out of the house.  Good thing I love that little boy :)  THEN, I thought it would be totally functional to put up a baby gate to trap them in their room so I could go do the early morning feedings....WRONG-O...  I came in from feeding the horses and went upstairs to check on the kids who were still in the room.  I thought, man...my baby-gate planned worked.  Then I saw Brett's water bottle on the floor....  Then I thought to myself, "Self...you didn't put his water bottle in here."  So I asked him, "Brett, how did your water bottle get in here??"  Feeling rather proud of himself....  he and Allison proceeded to tell me that Brett climbed the gate, walked downstairs, got the water bottle, walked upstairs, and climbed BACK over the gate.  SHEESH.....on to plan Z as to how I'm going to manage 3 horses, 3 dogs, a pony, and 2 kids during feeding time in a house that isn't ours.  Did I mention Tinkerbell and the other dogs DON'T get along?  So it is like the changing of the guards everytime I have to move or rearrange the dogs :)  hehehe....despite the frustrations, the kids are loving it...as you can see...

Brett kept trying to hide from me when I was trying to take his picture.  I caught him a few times :)  He has a little smudge of dirt on his cute nose that I didn't have the heart to photoshop out :)

Trying to convince Tink to fetch a stick.....
 which actually didn't take much convincing at all.  Good ol' dog :)

She is the only one to cooperate during pictures (I have to confess that I took the stick she was chewing and held it up to my face to get her to look at me...because she too was ignoring me.)

LOVE these :)

Brett was pouting because I wouldn't push him on the swing.  Silly boy doesn't want to do anything that even remotely resembles work.  Should be fun in the next few years :)

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Emily said...

LOVE reading your updates! Sounds like y'all are having a blast on the farm. Your pictures are amazing as always too! I need another lesson.