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~Dr. Seuss

Monday, November 11, 2013

Catch-up Weekend Trip to San Antonio in September 2013

After some convincing from my cute hubby (I didn't want to leave the kiddos), I hopped on a plane and headed to see him in San Antonio while my sweet mother-in-law came and took care of the kids.  To all those who may be reading this, if it has been awhile since you and your sweetheart went on a weekend getaway...do it!!!  We had SO much fun walking around the Riverwalk, checking out shops, going to hoaky museums, eating, watching movies, etc :)  I will admit that is was EXTREMELY hard to get back on the plane early Monday morning and leave Cole in San Antonio.  I'm proud to say that I held it together until Cole drove away.  I'm sure that airport staff and my fellow travelers thought I was a total blubbering idiot.  It was WAY harder than him even leaving Manhattan in July.  He even left like 4 times due to several mishaps (e.g., running over his ear piece, me forgetting my wallet in the car he was driving to San Antonio, etc)...haha  ANYWAYS..here are some pictures from our weekend adventure!

Cole must have missed me a TON because he even posed for a couple of pictures! 

Me care free on the Riverwalk! (Can you even imagine my two crazies walking near water like this?)

 Our hotel, The Emily Morgan.  We could look out our window and see the Alamo!

Our adventures at the Buckhorn Museum.  

Fun Fact:  Cole HATES snakes...no really, he HATES them

Fun Fact:  I LOVE polar bears (that is only because I've never encountered one in real life..I hear they are CRAZY) :)  

Unless my memory is failing me, I do believe I won a single game against Cole....

Optical Illusions

This is how I felt during my teenage years....funny story...I think this is how Cole felt too...BAHAHAHA!

Cole's dream

My Dream...I mean...uh.....My future was told :) 

Ripley's Believe it Or Not.  Perhaps to the naked eye, a total waste of money.   But when you are hanging out with your hubby for a weekend and you are running around with no cares...it was worth EVERY penny.  We had SO much fun!  We even got to go to a "4D" theater that moved and "snowed" hahaha :)

Had to take a picture with the classic Big movie prop :)

 So, I came around the corner and couldn't find Cole anywhere.  I thought he had gone ahead in the museum.  I was wrong.  Little did I know he was aspiring to be an astronaut.  What a nerd :)

This stupid tunnel thing made us sick.  We had a grand time trying to walk through it :)

The Alamo

 So we went to a wax museum and of course I had to pose with the Duke :)
 Fun Fact:  I may or may not have watched a boat-load of John Wayne movies while Cole was gone.  I suppose I missed him :)

Fun Fact:  I LOVE Indiana Jones...and Harrison Ford, but mostly Indiana Jones....so I had to pose with him too!

There was this totally creepy horror house in the wax museum with  "dead body parts," creepy people, doors, etc.  Cole made me try to find the way out.  NOT cool!  I think he was secretly creeped out because Fun Fact:  He HATES scary movies!

We looove the Rainforest Cafe, we've eaten at a few, so we can add San Antonio to the list :)

We had a great waiter, he offered to pose with me so Cole didn't have to have another picture taken!

I learned something new this weekend, Cole LOVES caramel apples.  What kind of wife doesn't know this about her husband?  We spent FOREVER trying to find this stupid Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and it was definitely worth it.  Cole got his apple :)

Last but not least, we went to the mall.  Cole bought me Croc flipflops.  I should do a commercial, they are the BEST flipflops i've EVER had.  I wish I had three pairs.  We also played glow-in-the-dark miniature golf with real-life dinosaur bones!  So much fun.  Oh ya, we also ate at this all you can eat meat place .. Fogo de Chao (didn't get pictures..I was too busy eating)

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